Monday, May 27, 2013

Cowboy Quote of the Day!

"Don't drink downstream from the herd!"

The past few days have been absolute madness! Really it was just yesterday, but it was madness.

It's a rough life in the Rockies
I took a half day breakfast, got back and noon and was thrown into udder chaos that no one was prepared for.

Gina: "Gosh no, we're never booked, but we can't promise we'll get you on a horse right away."

We were going on rides nonstop yesterday and it was FANTASTIC!!! We broke $10,000 for the first time since Kansas has been here, I'm excited!
Cleaning the water trough!

CLAIRE IS HERE!!! :) It's like non of us ever skipped a beat in our friendships and its been kind of fantastic.

Three new girls showed up today and "Did we just become best friends?" got thrown around a lot.

I have been eating an excessive amount of's beginning to become a bit of an issue.

In addition to being an insane day, we all might have lost a little bit of our minds.
Ex: Two guys walk into the office, in their late 20's, they had filled out green and pink release forms.
 "Some office humor for ya." For those of you that are sane and have no idea what that means, pink forms are for doubles and green is for anyone under 18...dumb people.

The days are only going to get longer and the nights will get shorter. Can't wait!!!

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