Wednesday, May 22, 2013

It's been exactly a year today since...


21st!!! Currently she's on a bar crawl with anyone of age!

It's been exactly a year since....
-one of the wrangler's twisted her ankle while jump roping with a lead rope
-Twilight spooked
-We went to Smokin' Dave's for the first time
-Zach took us to Estes for the first time

A lot has happened since then! We've defiantly become different the best way possible!

Today was a fantastic day as well...
I took a four hour ride out with a lovely couple from Australia...I want to go there and I want to go now. I want to own a platypus and they are really only found there.

I had so much fun listening to their stories about their travels and really it was just the accents!

I was a fantastic ride and the day went by at a considerable good pace! I am continuing to become more and more burnt everyday! Pre-warning, Wal-Mart brand sunscreen doesn't work too well, ever!!!! :)

Now I get to go pick them all up! YAY for being the designated driver!!

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