Friday, May 31, 2013

Puppy Love!!!

There comes a point in your horse loving life that you fall....hard for one horse. They are your all, you're everything. Nothing could go wrong as long as you were riding them. No irritating guest, no rollie pollie, no stupid question could make you angry as long as you were riding them. The feeling of bolting down the road with no plan to stop and nothing standing in your way is indescribable. 

For me that horse was Edgar. 

Just your average quarter horse. Black, two white back socks, not too tall, but so fantastic. I would die if I could buy him. I would be the happiest girl on earth. 

Unfortunately, I'm at a different stable and his home is I've had to find another love.

Thus, Puppy. 
A spotted draft with the longest forelock ever, white with some grey, huge feet, and an apple butt. Her mom is a gem and she is...not quite as seasoned. She's a bouncy ride, but is the pace car for all long rides. I'm trying to find it in my heart to love her like Eddy, but it's gonna take some time. 

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