Thursday, July 18, 2013

These are the days...

There are certain moments in your life where you look back and say to yourself....

"Why the hell did I ever think that was a good idea?!?!?!"

Those are the moments that you remember for the rest of your life and you know why? Because they were the moments where you let go, where there was no looking back, no regrets, no second thoughts. Those are moments we should cherish forever!

I have made a promise to myself to live this summer as if it were it were my last. I've done this job before, I know what every day should hold, so I'm willing to spend all those moments where I don't know what's going to happen and fill them with amazing adventures!

I had the most amazing day off this week. Becca and I went to the Stanley for breakfast where we GOT JACKED on coffee, went shopping and came back to pick up lazy Amanda!! After lunch at Dave's we headed to Moraine.

Moraine will always hold a special place in my heart and I will forever cherish the moments I spent there. The bunk house, Bachlorette bonding, home cooked meals, Edgar, discovering new trails, the views, wrangler rides, naming horses, rebuilding the barn, a publisher document. But for Becca and Amanda this was a whole new world, a place completely different from Estes in all the best ways!

We picked out our horses and headed out for the three hour! After some nerves were shook off, we tackled the most amazing trail. There were some iffy moments in there and a couple near death experiences, but I couldn't have been more excited to ride Eddy. After Moraine, we tackled the giant slide and Chinese for dinner.

It was an amazing day spent with amazing people, there were a couple pushes to be more adventurous, but I wouldn't have changed a thing!!!

These are the days that I want to remember till the end of time. I'm trying a new thing where I live for me, finally, I'm caring about no one and doing whatever I want. As selfish as it sounds, I don't care. I can't remember the last time I did something for me, before I came out here for the summer. I have 30 some days left and plan to fill each day with an adventure!!!

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