Friday, June 21, 2013

Edgar Allen Pony

I've said it before and I'll say it again...there is a once in a life time pony and I've found him.


Last summer I met the man of my dreams! Though he doesn't look like much and probably would be useless for anything other than trail rides, but I love him.

Earlier this week I was bombarded by Gina, "The box l's are coming, the box l's are coming!!!!" I could hardly contain myself as the trailer pulled in. Off the trailer comes Edgar, overwhelmed by happiness, I cried. Oh yeah people, full on tears in my cobbler, can't even talk, completely blubbering mess crying!

There have been few other times that I have been so happy!

Then I had to leave on my four hour, I pleaded to Zach and heard promises from Kansas, he left for Moraine.

Rumors of a cook out at Moraine are thrown around and I am in the car heading that way before you can say when!!!

I spent the whole time with my man! I forgot how much I loved him. He didn't care that I hopped on his back some ten times, did several around the worlds, and laid backwards and took a nap.

I want to take him home with me...I have big plans you just wait!

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