Saturday, June 22, 2013

We've Gone International....almost!!! ;)

I'm not sure why but for some reason I imagined this trip like a Mary Kate and Ashley movie! Cute boys, tons of pictures, adventures around every coner....It hasn't exactly turned out that way, but hey, this is the real world. 

So far, I have been up since 1am, Arizona time, been on a plane virtually all day, read half a book, got the Starbucks I was craving, and snuggled up with Fred (my penguin pillpw pet). I spent about 3 of the 8 hours studying the back of my eyelids, seeing as the amount of sleep I had endured over the past couple of days has been mediocore at best. 

It has been a long day, but what the hell, I'm on a beautiful island with my family and I CAN NOT WAIT TO GET ON THE SHIP!!!

Is it weird that the one thing I'm super looking forward to on this vacation is wearing my purple Micheal Khors and dresses. 

Plans for the week: 
-Eat my body weight in desserts, seafood, and all the other good things that don't come from the catering at Estes
-Tan, till I look straight out of Mexico
-Work out every day 
-Swim with Dolphins 
-Buy presents for everyone and their mother's mother 
-Take a million and one pictures!

I had an amazing week before I left and I hope that when I get back everything gets even better! 

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