Friday, June 21, 2013


Fear OMissed Opportunities

It's been a long week full of fun and not sun! 

Cookout at Moraine, Sundance, and Cactus Canyon...I have only slept a handful of hours this whole week and regretted not a single minute of it!

We wake up early and work late, but there are few opportunities in life that mirror these ones! I would rather regret the things that I've done than the things that I haven't. There was a lot of "I'm not going, no I'll go, I'm too tired, NO I'M GOING!" Oh yeah, though we are unadventurous and only ask few to dance, it was fantastic!!!!

Cactus was a complete spur of the moment decision that was amazingly amazing!!! I can't wait for the rest of the summer and all the other late nights that will follow. 

I am headed to the Caribbean in a day. Ten days of no horses, saddles, pearl snaps, or boots! It's bikini season and I'm ready for it!!!

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