Monday, June 10, 2013

Run like the wind....Curly!

"Do you guys ever take the horses out and run them?" "UM NOPE!!! They can do that in their off time."

Amanda, Becca, and me!
If only! Second wrangler ride of the season last night and it was

Becca and I explored the trails and discovered a dead elk and a trail behind the steak fry grounds. There was a few games of MARCO...POLO played and some shady radio calls!!!


I jumped on my chubby stead for the first time and he was so awesome. Slow but amazing! It was udder chaos as we all took off towards the photo booth! All we could do was move fast, hope to avoid trees, and eat the dust that was flying at our faces!

George joined us on the ride which was kind of great!

I had such an amazing time and I hope there are more rides to come!!! I know that was the most fun any of us have had since we've been here!!!! :)
Me and Curly!!!!

Shout out to Curly for being an awesome wrangler horse for my rides and for being as fast as he could during the wrangler ride!!! You beat Puppy and that's all that matters!!!!

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